What's new?

The goal of the ON STAGE project is to inspire young migrants to strive for improving their skills by using a combination of  biographic learning modules and various techniques of drama scenario activity, enabling us to introduce new forms of empowerment into the VET programmes and into counselling, particularly for the construction, health-care, retail, tourism, transportation/storage sectors.

What the project will do

The partnership will develop didactic materials of use for VET providers and their staff working with first or second generation of migrants in these sectors who are at risk of not having a chance at the labour market due to bad school experience and difficult personal background. The main products for VET trainers and counsellors to help them improve this situation will be the ON STAGE Handbook, the ON STAGE Practice Set and the ON STAGE ECVET KIT.  Activities with the targeted learner groups will include different biographic reflective work and drama sessions, among them the YOUNGSTERS ON STAGE selected scenarios produced by young migrants themselves.

What the partnership has achieved in ON STAGE

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