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An “International multiplier conference” was organised by the partnership of the ONSTAGE project on Friday, 25th of September 2015, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

A successful project needs a successful final event to spread the lessons learnt and results achieved, possibly even into new countries that have not been involved in the project implementation before. Following this motto, the European project ONSTAGE - Empowering young migrants by BIOGRAPHIC WORK and elements of DRAMA invited European stakeholders to meet and act in ‘YOUNGSTERS ON STAGE’ activities the partner organisations have designed, tested and started implementing in their own organisations and countries.

The conference aimed to inform stakeholders on the high quality, relevance and effectiveness of the project results that, e.g. in Greece found support by a ministry, in Spain on municipality level exploitation interest has been noted and in all partner countries different organisations will be using the ONSTAGE practice set, ECVET Kit and/ or handbook.

The conference started with introducing words and an overview of the project by representatives of RKK, the project promoter, and BEST Institut, the project coordinator.


Following, the partners of INFODEF gave a summary presentation of the findings in the ONSTAGE project regarding the current situation in education and work in Austria, Greece, Spain, Norway and Portugal. The pedagogical approaches, based on biographical narratives and drama/writing techniques applied in the ONSTAGE materials were explained to the audience by IEKEP and BEST Institut and the Norwegian partner, RSBDF, presented then the ONSTAGE products to them.


In the afternoon, the participants took part in workshops based on some of the activities the ONSTAGE practice set offers. Within a final world café workshop all participants could discuss and feedback on further ideas or possibilities to implement ONSTAGE also in their countries and beyond. These fruitful outcomes were presented by the world café leaders, IEKEP, ISQ and RSBDF. The conference ended with an evaluation carried out by the multipliers in order to gain feedback on this productive and inspiring day.

In preparation of and during this event, we could inform many organisations and such also disseminate our project into Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the UK. We are proud that we have received very positive feedback and would like to thank all who have shared their ideas with us for their engagement. For those interested in the event, the presentations are available for free download.