The Project

The situation of unemployment among young people currently faced by many European countries is made even more alarming by the fact that an unproportionately high number of those are young migrants belonging to the first or second generation. This group of young people show higher drop out rates and lower participation in higher and further education which impacts on their ability to access high-profiled jobs. In direct connection with this another issue currently demanding strong focus by the EU, namely the issue of economic and social exclusion.

The On Stage project aims to tackle this issue by empowering young migrants to improve their employability skills through biographic work and elements of drama. This transfer of two earlier successful projects aims to introduce new forms of empowerment into the VET programs and into counselling by combining biographic learning models with the techniques of drama activity, all of which is to be applied to the working relationsship with the young migrants.

Partners from Norway, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Austria will pool together their proven knowledge and expertise in order to provide a Handbook aimed at VET trainers and counselors, a Practice Set, an ECVET Kit and several organised Workshops for Youngsters On Stage, thereby ensuring a successful completion of this exciting project